Ruth house is a transitional shelter for women in crisis who possess a strong desire to overcome their life wounds, addictions, and/or addictive behaviors. This is accomplished through a research based, systematic program that includes bible study, group and individual counseling, and connections with the community.  We teach women how to live a healthy lifestyle under the Lordship of Christ.  We help women set goals, find employment and establish a permanent residence.   Ruth House was founded in March of 2006 due to the high number of women with children who struggle with various issues of addiction and are in need of guidance and help in reconstructing their lives and the lives of their families.


This 5 Bedroom/2 bath home is located in North Lake County, near downtown Umatilla. The home is an updated southern cracker home with a spacious front porch and big yard. It has a feeling of hominess and safety which is enhanced with our live-in house mother. Our home is a truly beautiful facility with many amenities where women can heal, learn, and live together.  We house up to 10 women at a time.  Some rooms can accommodate children as well.  We are located very close to convenience stores and several restaurants. The Ruth House is physically located at 311 S. Central Ave. Umatilla FL 32784


Each day Ruth House begins with a daily devotion.  Daily schedules vary but include Bible study, group therapy, conflict resolution and social skills training, and one-on-one counseling.  All the women residents are required to attend a weekly support group. Tools we use include:  The Bible, Conquering Chemical Dependency, The Genesis Process, Boundaries, Conquering Co-Dependency and traditional 12-Steps.

We ask a minimum stay of three months but suggest a stay of six to twelve months. Our home is offered to women who are serious about changing lifestyle and behaviors. We are dedicated to helping empower women to meet their needs, work on their issues and become healed, responsible, healthy and productive members of society.


Residents are required to maintain employment, attend a minimum of 2 AA/NA meetings weekly, attend church every Sunday, have accountability partners approved by Director and perform community service work , as well as serving in the Kinsman Redeemer Thrift Store which supports the ministry. This is to provide structure and a productive lifestyle. Residents are required to follow all house guidelines and may stay as long as these are followed


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